IT Management Solutions

Fendous Software Solutions promotes efficient processes through digital technology in the healthcare and finance industries. We are open to challenges to any technology might face in any business. because we cherish customer experiences and think that your success is our success.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

Sales and Marketing are the corner stone for your business. Our monthly fixed price will not only enable you to have an expected cost but will also enhance the process flow with more savings in time and cost.

Digital Worker Solutions

AI & RPA driven Solutions. Let our digital workers take over your manual tasks, so you can redeploy your human workers to more meaningful areas of your business. Our digital worker solution is customizable and comes at a competitive price.

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions are framed around cost efficiency, scalability, reliability, and security.

Mobile Applications

We believe in convenience, and easy communication with customers and therefore it's vital to have a mobile app for your business.

Web Solutions

Websites that will make your business reach your desired Customer. Offering Web designing and hosting services with customizable and reliable.

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