Rise and Shine

Wonderful experience with website assistance. Quick, efficient, courteous and creative work! Will most definitely continue working with this company.

Caty Garbu
Business Comsultant

This is a great company with a strong future My overall experience with Fendous Sustainable Solutions has been really great. The IT products and services they provide help companies automate their processes and spend less time doing manual work. The general vibe and working environment at Fendous are really positive and based on inclusivity, diversity, and trust. During the time I worked for them, I had gotten all the support and guidance needed to develop my skills and experience.

Shab Designs

Arunima at Fendous is patient and gave me the detailed information I needed. She helped me and knows about her job. Highly recommended!

Ashish Pawar

It was pleasure to work with Fendous to… It was pleasure to work with Fendous to understand the solutions they offer to start up. We dint had chance to work on final solution due to investment from our side.5 starts for, 1 Arunima is invested personally 2. She goes beyond what is expected and bring different solutions on table

Raghavender Shekkara
Caeruleus Consulting Services

The Kind of Support in Knowing Customer…Satisfactory Support and Reliable Solutions The Kind of Support in Knowing Customer needs and creatively working to aim for complete satisfaction.Provided best possible solutions n alternatives to make use of IT infrastructure n Resources.Great Job Team, All the best